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34 years! People often ask me how it is that I decided on massage as a profession. That's easy; horses and motorcycles! I was accident prone as a teenager and spent many months in and out of hospitals and physiotherapy clinics. One day I was introduced to massage and the rest is history. Early in my career I spent close to 5 years in Asia and fell in love with the plethora of treatments they are famous for. In the summer of 1996 I came back and started working with my family's business, HighFields Country Inn & Spa, until we sold a couple of years ago. Great memories! Travel (126 countries and counting!) and studying has been a great inspiration and will continue to influence the treatments I offer you.

"The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another."

William James


Therapeutic Massage    (60 Min) $115

Therapeutic Massage    (75 Min) $130

Therapeutic Massage    (90 Min) $155

Therapeutic Massage  (120 Min) $205

Massage & Osteopathy (90 Min) $155

Massage & Reflexology (90 Min) $155

Massage & Acupunture  (90 Min)$155

Massage & FST              (90 Min) $155

Hot Stone Massage      (120 Min)$205

Osteopathy is nothing new or trendy! It was practiced in the U.S in the late 1800's before it gravitated to France and consequently throughout the world.The philosophy behind the practice was in response to frequently harmful medicine being practiced in America at the time. It has changed over the years and in Canada manual osteopaths focus on using their hands as healing tools, much like massage therapists. We use our knowledge of anatomy to understand the story being told by your tissues. Gentle manipulation can help free up joints, tight muscles and tethered nerves.


90 Min Osteo/Massage Combo $155


Contemporary Medical Acupuncture is for the treatment of acute or chronic pain of musculoskeletal dysfunction, and the treatment of symptoms associated with abnormal nervous system functioning.

90 Min CMA/Massage Combo $155


It is not just a treatment for athletes! It benefits people of all ages and activity levels. We lose 10% of our flexibility for every 10 years that we age unless we actively work at maintaining it. My desk workers LOVE this treatment because of how immobile their bodies have become from sitting hunched over all day. There are new discoveries everyday in the continued research of fascia, and how treatment that targets this soft tissue component of our body positively affects us. There are just too many benefits to list!

90 Min FST/Massage Combo  $155



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86 Ringwood Dr, Unit 23 Stouffville, ON L4A1C3

Mon Wed Thur 11-5, Fri & Sun 11-8 by appointment

Payment options: cash, cheque, e-transfer

If you need to cancel your appointment please provide 24 hours notice to avoid cancellation fees

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